April 15, 2024

Lions, Leopards and breathtaking views

An African safari is the trip of a lifetime for many, born out of a childhood sense of adventure. Nothing is quite like the experience of seeing larger-than-life majestic animals roaming free in their own habitat. African safaris are now considered one of the most luxurious travel experiences around. The warm hospitality of the hosts only enhances the luxury amenities, sophisticated accommodation and numerous creature comforts found in today's stunning modern safari lodges. So book your flight, pack your bags, and get travel insurance for Africa. Let the wild adventure begin! Kruger National Park Kruger National Park covers over 7523 sq miles in the north-eastern corner of South Africa. It is one of Africa's largest game reserves and it became South Africa first national park in 1926. The region has both an illustrious and brutal history spanning generations of the native Tsonga people, the British Colonialists and the current South African citizens. However, the one indisputable and enduring feature of this part of the world is its natural beauty and stunning wild inhabitants. The park is home to what has become known as The Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo. Previously, this is where the rich and famous came to hunt the top prize of big game trophies. Nowadays, the only shots taken are from cameras and the prize is a visual one of everlasting and breathtaking memories. Kruger National Park has become a luxury tourist destination that offers outstanding locations, service, and amenities. The cost of travel insurance for Africa generally depends on the exact destination and anticipated activities once you arrive. Fortunately the luxury lodges found dotted around Kruger National Park are noted for their safety and expert guides and consequently the travel risks are considered low. Top Luxury Safari Lodges Ulsaba Safari Lodge When they say ‘location is everythingg , they really do mean it here! This amazing treehouse-style lodge sets you down in the center of all the action. Guests can view elephants and hippos in the watering hole just below the balcony windows and the secluded lodge offers the most pristine stargazing opportunities at night. After tracking the Big Five through the Sabi Sands Game Reserve you can enjoy a refreshing dip in your own personal plunge pool followed by a gourmet meal out in the open-air boma. Dulini Leadwood Lodge Leadwood Lodge literally brings the safari to you. This fairly small lodge caters to a maximum of 8 guests at a time offering a truly quiet and intimate experience. Leadwood is a calming and luxurious retreat that has been designed to blend in naturally with the bushveld creating a peaceful environment. Located at the confluence of the Sand and Mabrak Rivers, the game viewing from the comfort of your own suite is superb. A Safari Like No Other Safaris have always been considered an exotic adventure that might be a little too adventurous for some. However, the days of ‘roughing it’ in tents in the sweltering heat and dust are long gone. The majestic beauty of the animals on the African plains can easily be enjoyed and appreciated from a much more comfortable vantage point these days. Despite the safe confines of the luxury lodges it is paramount that guests observe the rules and guidance offered by their escorts. Preserving the peace in this natural environment is as important as preserving one’s personal safety. Travel insurance for Africa will invariably cover accident, illness and injury, however if you are at fault in any of these instances it may jeopardies your coverage. An African safari will truly be a trip of a lifetime. Many of the animals that can be observed at the Kruger National Park have been, or currently are, on the endangered species list. The privilege of seeing one of The Big Five may soon become a thing of the past. So, be sure to shoot as many as you can, with your camera, while experiencing a luxury safari adventure like no other!

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